Welcome to the Agribonus reward programme!

The Agribonus reward programme is cultivated to ensure that you have more fun, more often, and it is all free!

If you are a farmer and an Agribonus member, you unlock a world of endless possibilities. Our partners bring you the best products in the agriculture environment and by purchasing these products you will earn points. 

You can redeem your points for electronics, household appliances, camping equipment or exclusive holiday getaways. You can even donate your points to an affinity of your choice, such as your local school or the Endangered Wildlife Fund to save our rhinos. Your points are yours and you can do anything with them! 

AgriBonus and all its partners appreciate the fact that you know what you want and that you expect us to understand your needs and appreciate you as an individual. 

We want you as an Agribonus member to know that you are special and a truly valued customer to our partners. Our partners will occasionally offer special prices on exclusive and important items that will meet your specific needs.

Remember that you as an Agribonus member will be awarded with points at a host of participating partners. Ensure that your Co-op and Toyota dealership is aware that you are an Agribonus member.

Allow AgriBonus to ensure that you get the service you deserve at all our partners and build a long-term relationship with companies that want to understand you and your requirements.

Navigate to The Bonus Shop for breathtaking products at fantastic prices. If the Bonusshop does not have satisfy you and you would like more options, please contact our service center and our friendly staff will assist you.  

Register now and get used to a higher level of customer satisfaction.